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Results or Lies: Women's Health Flat Abs in 28 Days

I skim through lots of magazines every month. They all claim to help me live a better, fitter and well fed life. Most of these claims seem too good to be true. I thought it would be fun to start testing out some of the workouts, products and meal plans I see here on the blog. 

First up is this flat abs in 28 days claim from Women's Health magazine...

The magazine claims that the nine circuit workout from their Jan/Feb 2018 issue will give you flat abs in 28 days. Each exercise should be done twice for 45 seconds (rest for 15 seconds between each one) three times a week. So basically two reps of each exercise, totaling about 20 minutes. Not bad at all.

Here is my before...

So as you can see there's not much definition. I haven't done targeted ab work in a couple months. What you see in this pic is a result of regular workouts and an 85/15 meal plan.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@tiavfitness) to track my progress. I'll share weekly results and final pics here. Will I get results or will this claim be a big fat lie?

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