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Days 8 and 9 of the food challenge gave us a chance to try a soup from 28-Day Plant Powered Health Reboot and a lasagna from Thug Kitchen. I wasn't able to vlog my cooking process but here are my thoughts...

Day 8 was welcomed with this delicious and simple black bean and enchilada soup from 28-Day Plant Powered Health Reboot. This meal was done in less than 30 minutes. A #fitmom win. 

I altered the recipe slightly by adding an additional can of black beans. To make sure the flavor was still on point I made a double batch of the enchilada sauce. The only thing I may have done differently was add maybe one more can of beans. 

My kitchen on day 9 was a little crazy but this lasagna was so worth it.

The pesto for this pasta was so tasty that I will absolutely be making it again to go in other dishes. The tofu ricotta cheese wasn't the best cheese substitute I've ever had/made. There's a cauliflower cheese recipe on Pinterest that would work well here and it's creamier. 

Other than that I thought this lasagna turned out great. I used a power greens mix from Costco instead of spinach and I really love the taste of the chard in our lasagna. I didn't miss the meat in this one at all.

I will say that my family wasn't too crazy about this one though. My husband said he definitely missed the meat and Sav was not a fan of the tofu ricotta but she ate the rest of it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I loved it and I can't wait to have some leftovers for lunch. What did you think about this lasagna from Thug Kitchen?

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