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We have been meatless for a whole week? How are you feeling? What changes have you noticed? 

I've been having some hi's and lows. The meals have been pretty good. Here's what I made over these past couple days...

The red lentil and white bean burgers were so good. The flavor was incredible. Even my husband said they were good and he's been a tough critic of these meatless meals. The only drawback for me was that the burger was a tad bit dry. 

Is that normal for bean burgers? 'Cause the bean burgers that I get from Costco are the same way. 

Monday night I made the veggie pad thai recipe from Thug Kitchen. My brother and his family came over for dinner. I served the pad thai alongside my favorite Costco veggie spring rolls and a good dinner was had by all.

Everyone loved this Veggie Pad Thai. ♥︎

I hate that I didn't get a chance to record a video for this meal because it was so quick and easy. (a theme I'm noticing with Thug Kitchen) I didn't have to alter the flavor for this at all. If you decide to make this I suggest using a wok. It made the cooking time fast and I was able to toss everything around easily. 

In between these two meals we decided to try some of the crispy mandarin chicken from gardein. Those little nuggets were so good. They tasted just as good as the mandarin chicken we normally get. I'll absolutely be eating more of these. I wonder if you can buy them in bulk somewhere?

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