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How did day two go for you? So far, so good over here. Savannah did ask for chicken yesterday but once she tasted the deliciousness of the Baked Spanish Rice and Wilted Greens she wasn't missing her chicken at all.

Here's how day two went for us...

This video has loud kid noises. Play at your own risk.

We had a very chill day yesterday. The kids played while I got things done around the house. I attempted to make dinner around 3:30ish but really didn't get started until about 4. 

I decided to make the Spanish Rice and Wilted Greens because I haven't been able to find a ravioli cutter. I may attempt that meal today with a knife. We'll see how I'm feeling about that later...

This meal came together very fast considering that I had to clean and cut the greens. If I had done that the day before this would have easily been a 40 minute meal. I added some additional seasoning to the recipe because I felt that the flavor was lacking. 

I added a little cumin, oregano and salt free all purpose seasoning to the rice. The greens needed some help too so I added sea salt, black pepper and tad bit of balsamic vinegar. They were soooo good. They tasted like greens you want to keep picking from the pot.

I'll try my best to start taking better pics of dinner. Pinky. Swear.

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