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August is finally here! This month we have challenged ourselves to eat plant based meals for 31 days. After watching so many documentaries on food and the food industry I had to test out the "plant based is the only way" theory for myself.

What changes do you think we'll see after 31 days?

I'm hoping to notice that I have more energy, clearer skin (I have already done this test and clean eating does give me a clearer complexion) and less of a desire to eat big heavy dinners everyday.

Day one went pretty smooth. We did tons of grocery shopping. To see what all we grabbed check out the video I posted on YouTube. 

For dinner we had the lentil tacos from the Thug Kitchen cookbook with the carrot jicama slaw. First impressions? The flavor did not knock my socks off. I followed the recipe exactly. I ended up adding more tamari and apple juice. That still wasn't enough flavor for me so I sprinkled in some Bragg Organic All Purpose Seasoning. That helped. 

I crushed like 5 of these tacos before calling it quits.

Right off the bat I noticed that it took more food to give me that full feeling. Normally I'm good after 3 tacos but last night I tapped out after 5. Once the slaw and the lentils (and a little Cholula hot sauce) were all married together on the shell the tacos were so much better. 

So my thoughts on the recipe? 

It was easy, quick and cheap to make. Don't taste the lentils without the slaw. I recommend making the slaw first so that it can sit in the fridge while the lentils are cooking. I would also recommend adding a bit more seasoning to the lentils. Any salt free all purpose seasoning should work.

I'm open to trying these again with different flavors. Did you try this recipe? Have you ever had lentil tacos? Share your recipes and seasoning tips with me in the comments!

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