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plant based meal plan
I am so excited to be sharing this month's meal plan with you! After all of my stay at home Mom research I've decided that this month will be a plant based meals month. I have chosen a vegetarian and a vegan cookbook to help us cook our way through the month.

Here are 31 healthy meal ideas to help your family as we all vibe to a new way of eating...

vegan meal plan

vegan meal plan

All of those food documentaries on Netflix will have you thinking that vegan is the only way to go if you want to stay alive. You can check out this post to see my initial reaction to the docs I viewed.

So, in August we'll be eating a mix of vegetarian and vegan meals. I know it won't be the easiest thing we've ever done but I think we can get through it.

With a plan anything is possible.

I plan to document my experience daily this month so that you can see how I make these meals happen everyday with three kids. That's the one thing I get questioned about the most.

"How do you make it work with three kids?"

It won't be pretty and my pictures won't always be perfect. I will not always look glamorous. There will be things on the floor. Children will be everywhere.

I'll cover everything from my grocery shopping experience all the way to the last dinner that I serve on the 31st. Hopefully this will help with some of the "how" questions.

vegan meal plan

Do you want to join my family on our Vegetarian Vegan Vibes journey? Grab a copy of 28 Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot and Thug Kitchen. I looked at SEVERAL cookbooks before selecting these and I believe that they are a great mix of healthy, fun and EASY meals. Like, for real. I already had the entire Thug Kitchen pantry checklist. That's how easy this should be.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for video and real time reactions. I'll try to do some YouTube uploads if time permits. 👀

If we're eating clean and working out all month come September we'll all be #HarvestTimeFine. (Is that a thing? 😂)

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