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Over the past week I've watched Food Inc. and Food Choices on Netflix. You can't unsee that stuff. I don't know what got to me more. The way the food industry has changed or the way the food industry treats the animals and farmers. I wasn't ready for all that truth. 

Those documentaries left me clutching my invisible pearls for dear life...

I'm only slightly kidding.

But y'all the way they treat the animals... And the way they over produce corn and what about the chickens?!

My morning eggs are killing chickens everywhere. 😩

Then there was the treatment of the farmers. The big companies are basically legal drug lords. Oh. And there was a moment in one of the films where the company was turning in their own employees as undocumented workers. My. Soul. Cried.

When you know better, you do better. Right?

Well, after viewing both of these docs (and countless others) more than once I have decided to incorporate more plant based meals into my meal plan. I'm going to give eating less meat a try. 

Am I becoming a vegan?

I don't think so. My guess is no. Not a strong no but a no all the same.

Right now I'm just focused on taking my eating to the next level. Even if it's only a few days a week. We'll see how it goes. I really do love my scrambled eggs in the morning... #dontjudgeme

I decided to grab a couple vegan and plant based cookbooks to help me meal plan for August. Since we're already eating less meat this month I figure next month is a good a time as any to try a completely plant based menu. 👀

If you'd like to try out some recipes with me in August grab a copy of Thug Kitchen and 28 Day Plant-Powered Health Reboot. I'll post a cooking schedule at the end of the month that includes meals from 28 Day PPHR and Thug Kitchen.

Let's eat better together with a little plant based vegan food challenge in August! Get ready!

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