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The Importance of Bible Study for Fitness Lovers

This school year I attended bible study every Tuesday morning with the boys after school drop off. I didn't know it then but it was quite possibly one of the single most best things I could've done for myself and my fitness goals.

Here's why...

Bible study is a great "pick me up" between Sunday services. I enjoyed getting filled with the spirit during the week. Staying in the spirit keeps me positive and focused. I am less likely to doubt myself or think negatively when I'm taking time during the week to worship.

Let's be real, I also liked bible study because it created a routine that I so often wanted to break away from. I don't always feel like wrestling kids and strapping them into car seats to rush out of the door. I don't. Going to bible study even when I didn't feel like it taught me discipline. It created a routine for me.

Having a routine is key for your fitness goals. 🔑

Becoming a person that sticks with your plans is so important when achieving your fitness goals. There will be times when you don't feel like going to the gym but you'll need to go anyway. Just like bible study. I may not feel like going but I ALWAYS feel better when I do.

Another great thing about bible study is I got to be around a lot of women who are just like me. When this happens you realize that you are not alone. There are other women who are searching for their purpose, looking to get in better shape and trying to balance it all too. Knowing that and seeing it every week gives me so much peace of mind.

Bible study did so much more than remind me how great our God is. It gave me structure, obedience and a new way of life. Sticking to my devotion time in the morning and my workout schedule (and eating right) deserves all the credit for the success I've had so far.

If you haven't tried adding bible study or a morning devotion to your fitness routine give it a try. That time during the week will do wonders for your goals.


  1. Great Post...I used to attend a Moms Bible Study and I loved it!!! It helped me understand that I wasnt alone in everything I was going through! And it gave me that "Carissa" time I needed!

    1. Yes! That's what I loved about it too! It gave me my "me time" during the week with other women I could relate to. This coming school year will be hard for me because my two oldest kids will be at two different schools with two different schedules so I'm looking for one that will work with my new schedule.