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FitFam: A Family That Hikes Together

Holiday weekends can really throw a wrench in your goals. All those cookout invites. The bottomless Sangria cup that continues to runneth over. Summer gatherings can be fun but they can also be fit. 

Here's a recap of our family 4th of July hike and 5 reasons why I think every Mom should be doing this with her family...

dupont, wa
Photo Credit: Savannah
We are blessed enough to live in a place that is surrounded by trails, lakes and mountains. There are so many places to see and things to do in close proximity to the military base. During our time in the Pacific Northwest we want to do as much exploring as we can so yesterday we decided to go on a family hike.

dupont, wa
Photo Credit: Savannah
This particular trail is one I'd hiked before with some of the women from the bible study group I attend. It was a beautiful fall day during my first walk and yesterday it was a lovely summer day. 

After walking for two miles you end up here...

dupont, wa
Photo Credit: Savannah
Beautiful view, right? The kids got so excited when we reached the "beach". I know outdoor activities like this aren't always easy but here are 5 reasons why a family hike is worth every little step you take.... (Did you sing that when you read it? I did.)

Top 5 Reasons to Hike with your Family

1 - It's important that kids see us making fitness a priority. Anytime you go to the gym or do anything active it's planting a seed in your child that exercise should be a daily part of their lives.

2 - A walk is by far one of the easiest activities that we can plan as parents. All you need is good walking shoes (and a stroller if you still have little babies) and a safe path or trail. Listen. On days when I don't know what to do with these kids a good long walk is always a winner. It's free and....

3 - Let's be real. A good hike wears these children OUT.  Nothing is more satisfying than when we make it back to the car and everyone is exhausted. I am almost guaranteed that everyone will be asleep right on time on our hike days.

4 - Walking is a good workout and arguably the best form of exercise. If you have a fitbit it's fun to challenge yourself to get in more steps each day. There are also fun challenges to join and trophies to earn. My fitbit has definitely encouraged me to keep it moving all throughout the day.

5- Outdoor activities like hiking teach kids that they can celebrate and spend time together by doing more than eating. Celebrations are often centered around food. I really want to teach my kids that they can celebrate and gather together by doing different things. Food doesn't always have to be the focus of togetherness. Doing something active is a great way to build bonds and spend time with the ones you love.

It's my hope that my kids will remember days like today. I hope that they grow into adults that take care of their bodies and give it the proper amount of exercise. Maybe they'll remember these walks and do them with their own families someday.

What's your favorite way to stay fit as a family?


  1. Hiking sounds like such a great idea, Tia! We need to walk more as a family. And I need to stop using Jj as an excuse to not go walking as much as I used to. I totally need that added bonus of him being tired and ready for bath & bed when we get home lol. Such a helpful post, Tia!

    1. Thanks so much! Walking has become my favorite thing to do with them. It's nice to get out with them and just enjoy the peace and quiet.