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plant based meal plan
I am so excited to be sharing this month's meal plan with you! After all of my stay at home Mom research I've decided that this month will be a plant based meals month. I have chosen a vegetarian and a vegan cookbook to help us cook our way through the month.

Here are 31 healthy meal ideas to help your family as we all vibe to a new way of eating...

VIDEO: How to Eat Healthy & Save Money from the Today Show

This segment aired on the Today Show with some great tips on how to eat healthy and save money. It's part of a series about meal planning and shopping smart. If you're gearing up to participate in the August Vegetarian and Vegan Vibes food challenge check out this video to learn more about eating healthy on a budget.

I'll share some of my own tips in a video soon. I practice a lot of the things they talk about here!

The Importance of Bible Study for Fitness Lovers

This school year I attended bible study every Tuesday morning with the boys after school drop off. I didn't know it then but it was quite possibly one of the single most best things I could've done for myself and my fitness goals.

Here's why...


Over the past week I've watched Food Inc. and Food Choices on Netflix. You can't unsee that stuff. I don't know what got to me more. The way the food industry has changed or the way the food industry treats the animals and farmers. I wasn't ready for all that truth. 

Those documentaries left me clutching my invisible pearls for dear life...

FitFam: A Family That Hikes Together

Holiday weekends can really throw a wrench in your goals. All those cookout invites. The bottomless Sangria cup that continues to runneth over. Summer gatherings can be fun but they can also be fit. 

Here's a recap of our family 4th of July hike and 5 reasons why I think every Mom should be doing this with her family...