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Is it starting to feel like Summer around your way yet? I actually got a little sun glow over the weekend and it gave me all the Summer vibes. I'm so ready for school break, days at the splash pad and lots of relaxing. I. Can't. Wait.
Summer is great but she comes with a slew of fitness and healthy lifestyle challenges. All those cookout invitations, margaritas and food truck festivals are sure to throw a wrench in the game of even the most disciplined #feelgoodgirl.

Every #feelgoodgirl makes a plan and is ready to combat a challenge head on. 

What's my plan for Summer eating pitfalls? Fun Summer dinners! I made a meal plan that consist of healthy, family-friendly dinners that I'm excited to eat. There is so much variety on our June menu. 

The food on our menu falls in line with our low sodium, limited dairy style of eating. Go ahead and right-click save the menu below.

Here are a couple tips that I'd like to share with you about the way I cook:

- Replace water with chicken broth when cooking veggies and brown rice.

-Wait until your veggies are almost done to your liking before adding any seasoning. This will reduce the amount of salt (sea or Himalayan) that you add to your food. 

-I also use chicken broth as a base for my gravy. To thicken my gravy I use arrowroot when I have it or cornstarch.

-If I decide to eat regular noodles I measure my portion using the yellow container. 😉

- These dinners make great lunches the next day. Keep your fridge stocked with salad ingredients too though!

-Oh. And many of these recipes can be found in my boards on Pinterest! And this one too!

Of course, you can swap these meals around any way you choose. Pick and mix however you'd like! Just remember to use the best ingredients that you can and prepare your foods as clean as possible. Try to eliminate fake sugars and processed boxed foods and you'll be well on your way to being full, happy and healthy all Summer long.

Got any questions for me? Feel free to email me or hit me up on social media. 

Stay tuned on my Summer 2017 Total Body Food & Fitness Challenge!

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