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fitbit Blaze Review

fitbit blaze

Last year I only asked for one thing for Mother's Day, a fitness watch. I can't remember what I got in 2016 but I know I didn't get the one thing I asked for. This year I thought I'd ask for a fitbit Blaze again. My family surprised me with one just before Mother's Day and I am so glad they did.

Here's what I think about this stylish fitness watch...

First of all, I love the way it looks. I didn't want a fitness tracker that looked like a bracelet. I wanted a watch. I love that the band and frame can be easily switched out. I've got my eye on a couple bands that will better suit my style.

Fitness has become a huge part of my life. I like being able to see in real time how active I've been that day. The fitbit Blaze monitors your steps, heart rate and floors climbed. It also keeps track of calories burned, miles walked and active minutes (workouts). These features were more than enough to make me choose the Blaze but the additional features are what really sold me.

fitbit blaze

I receive text and call notifications on my fitbit Blaze. You can actually answer your phone using the watch but you still need your phone to hold a conversation. I love this feature. No more pulling my phone off my arm every time I get a call or a text. Vibe. Killer.

Please don't kill my run vibes. 

You can also control your music using your watch. Here's a tip: when you're in a workout hold the top right button down to gain access to your music. It took me some time to figure that out and I've been running to my fave songs ever since. 

fitbit blaze

The fitbit Blaze also tracks your sleep and breaks down your sleep cycles for you in the app. You can see how much time you're spending in each stage of sleep, so cool. I have always thought of myself as a light sleeper and the watch fully confirmed that for me. 

Speaking of sleep, you can also set alarms on the watch to wake you up or remind you to workout.

fitbit blaze

Perhaps my most favorite thing about having this watch is gaining access to the fitbit community. There are so many challenges and groups to link up with. It has been a huge motivator for me. 

Connecting with other people and getting little reminders throughout the day to move has allowed me to see active time in a whole new way. 

If you're looking for a fitness tracker I highly recommend the fitbit Blaze. It does everything you need it do and more! Do you have a fitness tracker?

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