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21 Day Fix March Challenge

Today is the big day! We're starting a new 21 Day Fix challenge and I am so excited. The last time I completed this challenge I lost 11 inches, gained confidence and changed my life for the better.

Spring is on it's way. For some of you spring temps may have already arrived. Consider yourselves lucky. It's still pretty chilly here but after spending years without a real winter I am enjoying the cooler weather. In the great words of American philosopher Joni Mitchell, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone..."

With the upcoming warmer weather, weddings and vacations that will be taking place this year I thought this was a great time to start another challenge. A group of ladies have joined me on snapchat and we'll be working out together for the next 21 days.

This is the schedule I use when I'm doing 21DFX. I use the Extreme version of the workouts. I add cardio to my schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I teach classes on Friday nights and Saturday mornings so I'll also be doing cardio on Friday nights and my Saturday morning class will serve as my cardio for that day.

The workouts in this program are only 30 minutes. If you're able to carve out 30 minutes a day for yourself then you can do this program. All you need is motivation, clean food, dumb bells and resistance bands. That's it.

Want to join us for the March challenge? I plan to do another challenge in April too. Grab the program and let's get started. It's never too late to make a good decision and this is a good one!

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