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MEAL PREP TIPS: Salad Spinner

If you are on a healthy lifestyle journey you need one of these. The salad spinner is a meal prep miracle for all the salad lovers. I could literally eat a salad everyday. I'm part of that small population of people that actually loves places like Souper Salad, Cosi and Sweet Green.

Salad themed restaurants are great but I can't always go out for lunch so I like creating my own little masterpieces at home.

A salad a day keeps the drive-thru away.

Salads are one of the easiest lunches you can make. If you're in to meal prepping then I'm sure you've seen all of the salad jars on Pinterest. There are so many recipes out there for to-go salads.

If you're making the jars or any salad for that matter you need a salad spinner. Once your lettuce (spinach, kale - whatever) is clean you'll want to run it through a spinner to get all the access water off.

No one wants a soggy salad.

Nothing is worse than sitting down for lunch and realizing that the base of your salad is no longer fresh and crisp. That would suck.

I'm in a green leaf lettuce phase right now and my lettuce stays good for days. I'm able to eat all of it before it ever goes bad. The salad spinner also makes a great storage container for the fridge if you aren't doing daily containers. Just be sure to pour all of the water out after spinning.

Are you a salad person? Do you have a spinner? Is there another kitchen gadget that I need to make salad making easy?


  1. I've always been a salad person, but lately I've gotten so lazy with preparing my meals that I resort to buying $12-15 salads from Panera Bread or some other place that has a drive-thru. I know, I know.. terrible. But I'm working on that. :)

    1. Panera is so good though so I don't blame you! Try prepping ahead of time to save yourself some time and money. ;-)

  2. Girl, I'm over here searching for your blog for this salad spinner and you changed the name! I love the new look!