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Fitness Accountability Log

fitness tracker and food log

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is accountability. There are so many ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals these days.

I'm a member of two different fitness groups. That helps a lot. If you're not a member of the Operation Snapback support group on Facebook, you're missing out. The women in that group keep me motivated to keep pressing toward my goals.

Another great motivator for me is the Beachbody challenge group that I'm a member of. When I purchased my workouts last year I got access to an accountability group that has been extremely inspiring. I can see, in real time, other people logging their workouts. That is very motivating for me.

I don't want to be the only person not logging a workout!

Online groups and apps are great, but what if you aren't comfortable using those platforms? Well, don't worry, I got you.

I created a fitness accountability tracker and food log just for you. Well, I actually created it for the ladies in my Bible study class but you can use it too!

It's a free printable so please take it and make copies, pin it and share it with your friends. I hope you find it to be helpful while you're on your fitness journey.

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