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Activewear Style Inspiration

cute workout clothes

I never really cared to spend money on workout clothes before I started teaching fitness classes. Now that I'm an instructor I've started building an activewear wardrobe. Why are workout clothes so expensive? Are y'all really spending $80 on one pair of leggings to sweat in?

I'm not. When you're working out shop the sales rack as your waist gets smaller to keep your pockets fat.

There are lots of stores carrying cute affordable activewear these days. For this particular haul I shopped at Express. Everything was on sale and some items were marked down an additional 40% off the sales price.

Workout style inspiration

I only wear my cute finds when I'm teaching. The majority of my daily workouts are done at home and there's no need to get cute for that. I teach a fun cardio dance class so everything that I buy for my workout wardrobe tends to have somewhat of a hip-hop dance vibe to it.

My favorite item from this haul has to be the leggings. I love the mesh detail and that pop of teal.

mesh leggings cute workout clothes

Express has really good quality leggings. You can't see through them, they don't fade after washing and (if you get the correct size) they don't slip n' slide down your booty.

activewear for women

Let's talk about this sports bra though. When I mean to tell you I am pleasantly surprised at how supportive it is... I like a sports bra that holds you all the way down and this one does just that. Normally bras with strappy straps aren't worth the money but this one was worth every sales rack penny I spent.

activewear for women

My classes start up again soon and I can't wait to rock this look! Oh. And I'm wearing a hat because my hair wasn't done and it was 36 degrees outside! I got the hat (and its grey sister) during the sale too! What's your favorite place to shop for activewear? Any brands I need to try?

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